Researching “Ila’s War”

Prior to starting Ila’s War in the summer of 2008 I haunted bookstores looking for non-fiction books about the war in the South Pacific, specifically books written by U. S. Army nurses. I learned ... READ MORE

Estate Sale Finds

I love estate sales and I have some great estate sale finds in my collection of WWII memorabilia. Last year I went to one that had a large cardboard box full of WWII correspondence, maps, and ... READ MORE

World War II Postcards

Among the hundreds of pages of letters that Ila wrote her parents were cartoon postcards from World War II. I’d seen cartoon drawings of Willie and Joe, the two dogface Infantry soldiers drawn by ... READ MORE

Finding A Treasure Trove

In the spring of 1991 my 82-year-old grandmother, decided it was time to start sorting through her accumulated treasures. Grammy had lived in the same house for 50 years, and as someone who’d ... READ MORE

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