Here’s a few facts about me.

  1. Until very recently – like four months ago – I never read anyone’s blog, unlike my husband who reads The Oil Drum, Slashdot, Space Weather.com, and Ars Technica, among others, every day.
  2. I hate talking on the telephone. I have a cell phone that I carry with me but I don’t give out the number to anyone other than my family and closest friends. And even they know not to call me on my cell because it’s always turned off. The people who know me best know that my philosophy regarding telephones is: if I didn’t call you, I don’t want to talk to you. (Any literary agents or book publishers reading this, please disregard the previous sentence. For you operators are standing by waiting for your calls.)
  3. I am not a techno person. I don’t want to know what computer hardware and software does or how they do whatever it is they do. I just want them to do it – no fanfare, no glitches, noooo problems.

Having said all that, you may be wondering “what in the world is she doing with her own website and blog?”

The simple answer is: I want to create a readership so that a respected and successful literary agent will represent my book, Ila’s War, to the major publishing houses in the United States and Australia, where part of this true story is set.

So, if you like what you read within my site or you like what’s on my blog, please forward the link to my website to anyone you think might enjoy reading this.

In return for your time and attention I promise to write only interesting, thoughtful material. I further promise not to tell you about my personal hygiene experiences, any disagreements I might have with others, or anything having to do with Miley Cyrus and twerking? (How is that even be a word?)

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