Cindy Entriken’s Reviews: “Ila’s War”

In the future this section of my web pages will contain reviews of my published books. But for now, while Ila’s War is unpublished, you’ll get to read reviews of the book proposal. I’ve had the tremendous great fortune to meet and receive the assistance of several respected authors and World War II experts who have read the proposal. Some of these folks have also read early drafts of the book and offered excellent suggestions which I’ve incorporated into later drafts. Their praise for the proposal suggests that I’m on the right track. See what you think.

Cindy . . . This is compelling reading for me and I hope for prospective publishers.

– Robert Wallace, co-author of several books about spycraft. Served for 32 years with the CIA, including 3 years as deputy director of the Office of Technical Service (OTS), and 4 years as Director of OTS.

Gidday Cindy. . . . I received the proposal . . . Looks great.

– Peter Dunn, creator of “Australia @ War”, an online research tool for historians about World War II in the Australian region of General MacArthur’s Southwest Pacific Area..

I read the book proposal, and it looks awesome – it certainly is written in a very attractive way and should trigger a reader’s appetite!

– Alain S. Batens, co-creator of the WW2 US Medical Research Center at

Read a little bit of it already. Being from a Catholic family, the opening scene showing the bigoted behavior in that town towards Catholics makes my blood run cold. Very disturbing

– Kevin Morrow, Ab Initio Archives Research, former employee of the National Archives in Arlington, VA., independent historian and researcher, contact me for his email.

[T]he first scene of this proposal . . . is juicy. great description and dialogue. . . . Your proposal and the scenes have stayed with me.

– Maria Espinosa, novelist, poet, teacher, translator, and author of LONGING, winner of the American Book Award.

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