Cindy Entriken’s Reviews: “Ila’s War”

In the future this section of my web pages will contain reviews of my published books. But for now, while Ila’s War is unpublished, you’ll get to read reviews of the book proposal. I’ve had the tremendous great fortune to meet and receive the assistance of several respected authors and World War II experts who have read the proposal. Some of these folks have also read early drafts of the book and offered excellent suggestions which I’ve incorporated into later drafts. Their praise for the proposal suggests that I’m on the right track. See what you think.

I found Ila’s narrative compelling.

– Dr. Ramon Powers, retired executive director of the Kansas State Historical Society

“You’ve taken the story of an obscure woman and made a compelling case that it’s worth a book.”

Dan Baum, author. Dan writes for several national magazines and has published four books. His most recent book is Gun Guys: A Road Trip which came out in 2013.

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